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Supply Chain Technology & Customized Solutions.

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Elaf Cargo Co. is a Jordanian company established in 2016. Its primary goal is to provide a variety of logistic services efficiently with high capability to meet both market and customer needs.

ELAF has a number of essential standards such as (commitment, credibility, trust, and permanent development) to gain customer satisfaction.

Our company is one of the pioneering companies in the field of using specialized programs in freight management through a program developed specifically to meet with the requirements of different freight operations.

ELAF is an important member of a number of local institutions and organizations such as (Jordan Maritime Authority, Civil Aviation Authority, Logistics Syndicate, Amman Chamber of Commerce … etc). At the global level, ELAF is an influential member in a number of the world’s most powerful group of logistics agent networks around the world.

Our staff is highly selected by long experience as well as young and energetic, which enables ELAF  to provide unique services and complete tasks professionally and efficiently.

The services sector is considered one of the most important pillars of the economy, so we are always working to develop existing services and find new services that contribute to solving many problems of the supply chain by sea, air, land freight, and clearance. Therefore We are fully aware of the customer’s need to obtain service at the right time and place, so we seek a participatory process built on a strategic basis to achieve the customer’s goal.

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